Did you Know?

  • Havana used to hold grand prix racing.

  • Cuba is 90 miles from Key West.

  • In the 1950s Havana was more
    profitable than Las Vegas.
Pork with black beans and rice

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How many time have you been to Cuba?

I have never been to Cuba.
2650 (87.55%)
I have been to Cuba once before.
217 (7.17%)
I have been to Cuba many times.
160 (5.29%)

Total votes: 3027

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Cuban foods and specialities

deep fried plantains and yuca
ropa vieja and maduros cuban style
steamed corn tamales
One common question often asked is:

Q: Can I take my dog with me to Cuba?

A: You can take your pet with you, though it will require a lot of paper work.

pet-carry-bag Check out the full list of questions most often asked.
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Salsa Cubana Styling
This is a very nice video of Cuban Salsa at it's best. Professionally made for www.boogalu.com

Diving in and around Cuba
This Professionally made video made by www.wowcuba.com. Documents some of the awesome diving in Cuba.
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